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Supports multiple claim submission options: direct data entry, file upload, and SFTP.


Manage Revenue Cycle

Verify patient eligibility and benefits, correct rejected claims, upload attachments, check claim status, and obtain remittance advice.

Register and Submit Claims the Same Day:

Once registered, you can send claims as soon as you receive your credentials.

Young Medical Practice Nurse Uses Office Ally on Company Computer
Doctor Works on Computer in Medical Practice Office

Submit Claims to any Payer:

Office Ally supports multiple claim types:  Professional, Institutional, Dental, Encounters and Workers compensation with the ability to send claims to any payer, either electronically or on paper.

Seamless Integration:

Office Ally accepts claim submissions from any practice management system, including EPIC and Allscripts.

Medical Practice Employee Uses Computer for Claim Submission
Medical Practice Professional Uses Tablet

Reduce Claim Rejections by checking Eligibility and Benefits in Real Time:

Checking Eligibility & Benefits prior to submitting a claim greatly reduces claim rejections and decreases reimbursement time from the payer.

Check Claim Status in Real Time:

Office Ally offers real time Claim Status allowing providers to check the status of where the claim is in the payers adjudication system.

Female Medical Practice Employee Working at Computer in Medical Office
Medical Practice Employee Submits Claim Attachment On Laptop

Submit Claim Attachments:

Office Ally offers the ability to send attachments to multiple payers, allowing faster delivery of attachments and eliminating paper mail-in costs.

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Medical Practice Employee Uses Office Ally on Laptop in the Office

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